Configure a http/2 Nginx using Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate

Once upon a time (circa. 2015), it would cost you for a few dozen bucks, to a few hundred dollars, per year, to get that shiny green little locky thingy appear on your URL bar in the browser. The cost would be justifiable for someone that runs a large business on the web, not so much for small companies or someone who occasionally runs a random httpd somewhere, like me. That was the dark time of the internet.

Setting up a LAMP alternative on Ubuntu 16.04 - Nginx / HHVM / MariaDB / Nodejs

When I started my freelancer career a decade ago, AppServ was my development environment. It is essentially an one-click setup WAMP. I run Wordpress, xtCommerce, MediaWiki, and lots of other popular packages. Time flies, people changed, things changed. And the time to upgrade my old server has come.

Setting up a PXE boot environment - Part 0

Upon learning that Raspberry Pi 3 and above has PXE boot capabilities, I pulled out my dust gathering, poor Raspberry Pi 3B... My motive is ...